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Bentley Lower School Library: 5th grade

Welcome to the Hiller Library


Welcome to 5th Grade Library Class

Bentley Subscription Databases

Bentley School provides access to the following subscription databases, which require logging in with a specific username and password to access.  For login and password information, pick up a "Hiller Library Resource" bookmark in the library by the check-in desk.

  • Britannica Online

    Very reputable general encyclopedia, good for answering questions and finding authoritative information for reference. (bentley / Ktwelve)
  • Britannica Image Quest

    Access more than two million rights-cleared images from over 50 of the best collections in the world. The first place to go for images for any project. (bentley / Ktwelve)
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library

    This databases contains reference articles related to history, science, math, world leaders, culture and geography, and religion. (bentley / bentley)
  • Kids InfoBits

    A content-rich, authoritative, easy-to-use resource covering a broad range of educational topics. (bentley / bentley)

Fall - Cross Curricular Unit

Introduction to Arthropods


What is an arthropod?

Definition & Types of Arthropods


Print Materials

Below is where you can locate research materials about arthropods in the Hiller Library using the Dewey Decimal System:

  • Nonfiction Section
    • •500-599 – Science and Math
      •590-599 – Animals
      •595 – Arthropods
      •595.2 – Arthropoda (General Info)
      •595.3 – Crustacean (10 legs, lobster)
      •595.4 – Arachnids (8 legs, spiders)
      •595.5 – Onychophora
      •595.6 – Myriapods (10+ legs, millipede des)
      •595.7 – Insects (6 legs, ants)

Online Resources

Below is a list of websites that can be used to research arthropods. Click on the link below and search for your specific insect.


Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, & Databases

Encyclopedia Britannica (bentley / Ktwelve)

Encyclopedia Britannica Image Quest (bentley / Ktwelve)

Encarta Encyclopedia

Biology Dictionary

Biology for Kids

Science 360

Science in Context (Gale) (bentley / bentley)

Encyclopedia of Life


Museums & Magazines

National Geographic



Interesting Websites


Orkin Pest Control

The Online Field Guide


Animal World

Desert USA Biomes


Bug Life

Winter - Artist Salon

Databases - Biographies

Encyclopedia Britannica School (bentley / Ktwelve)

Gale Database - Biographies (bentley)

Art cyclopedia


Art Websites

WebMuseum Artist Index

Oxford Art Online (bentleyart / bentleyart)


Pictures of the Artist or Artwork

Encyclopedia Britannica Image Quest (bentley / Ktwelve)

Planet study

Author Study- Lois Lowry

TeachingBooks Meet-the-Author Movie with Lois Lowry
Lois Lowry on writing THE GIVER

Created by

Citing Your Sources

Citing Your Sources

Refer to the How to Cite Your Sources page for information on how to do in-text citations and how do a bibliography or works cited page.

Starting a NoodleTools Project

NoodleTools Notecards


Outlining in NoodleTools

Archiving & Annotating Websites

Citing a Book

Citing Britannica

Citing GALE Reference