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Srikanthan Chemistry project: Keywords


Before you start searching for books, articles or web pages, you need to choose keywords that represent your research topic.


Keywords are significant words (usually nouns or noun phrases) which can be used as search terms in online catalogs or databases. They can appear in the title, subject headings, abstract, or text of records. A keyword search typically searches all or most of these fields.

broad and narrow keywords


Manhattan Project Nuclear Weapons, Oppenheimer, chain reactions, nuclear fission, plutonium, uranium
Hollywood effects special effects (movies), visual effects (VFX), movie production,  fracture dynamics,  fracture mechanics, fluid dynamics, 
Ozone hole Ozone (Layer) Depletion, photochemical process, chlorofluorocabons, atmospheric ozone, 
Fireworks fuel, gunpowder, oxidation, pyrotechnic compounds, explosives
Art Restoration Molecular chemistry, microspectroscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy,  varnish, resins, pigments
Plastics/ Pollution biodegradation, chlorofluorocarbons, 
Detergents /Cleaning oil spills soaps, salts, acids, petroleum, 
Forensics DNA fingerprinting, blood types, proteins, qualitative analysis, isotopes
Gems precious stones, minerals, mineralogy, crystals
Perfumes odor, olfaction, smell
Biofuels bioenergy, fermentation, enzymes
Artificial flavorings flavours, food additives, scents, odorants
Spices food additives



  1. Manhattan Project

  2. Hollywood effects

  3. Ozone hole

  4. Fireworks

  5. Art Restoration

  6. Plastics/ Pollution

  7. Detergents /Cleaning oil spills

  8. Forensics

  9. Gems

  10. Perfumes

  11. Bio fuells

  12. Artificial flavorings

  13. Spices


Keyword Searching

Enter the basic ideas/keywords of your topic in the search box. The computer searches for books with those keywords in the title, subjects, and descriptions of the books.

Subject Searching
Subject searching is more "powerful" than keyword searching - it uses a specific vocabulary to find books in the catalog. To find a good subject, look at the display page of a book you already like. Click on that subject link to run a search.

Related Terms
Think about related terms such as: solar power, solar energy, and renewable energy