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History Seminar Research Paper Guide: Working bibliography

Working Bibliography

Developing a working bibliography-a detailed list of books, articles and other sources relevant to your project-will keep you organized while gathering and sorting through potentially useful sources. Most importantly, a working bibliography is a tool; one that will change and grow as the focus of your research shifts and narrows. It has two purposes:

  1. To keep a record of the sources you've already examined and those that you are going to examine.
  2. To record the publishing details of each source you use or cite so that they can be properly referenced in a Works Cited or References List at the end of your document.

TO GET STARTED in NoodleTools

From you school gmail account, click the "waffle" grid in the upper right corner for Google Apps.  Go to "more" to find the special "Noodletools" icon.  This will get you in automatically once you create a Noodletools account.



  • Click “Create a New Project” in green on the left 
  • Choose "CHICAGO" for the citation style and "Advanced" for the level.
  •  Enter the title of your project, e.g. “History Project”
  • Click the “Sources” button at the top middle of the screen then click the “+new source” button (green) in the upper left.
    • In the “Where is it?” pop-up menu make the appropriate choice for your item
    • In the second “What is it?” pop-up menu again make the appropriate choice
    • Add the information for your source or cut & paste a preformated citation
    • Click "submit"
  • ​​To add another citation you would again select the "+new source" button on the top left.  This is a working bibliography and you may add more citations to it in the future.
  • If asked by your teacher, click “Share” on the "dashboard" of the project main page.  After entering your name, choose your teachers last name and your class period as the dropbox.

Your “works cited” will be saved on the NoodleTools site for 1 year 

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