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History Seminar Research Paper Guide: Overview


This site is meant to help you do research for your U.S. History project.  The assignment is attached under the tab "Assignments" for your reference. 

Remember to authenticate all your sources based on the R.O.A.D. criteria:

  • R Relevancy and Reliability
  • O Objectivity
  • A Authority
  • D Date

Remember to cite all your sources correctly using MLA advanced in NoodleTools.  Even pictures and statistics must be cited.

Remember to use your information ethically -- use direct quotes, paraphrase, or summarize but ALWAYS cite!

If you have any questions, please ask your teacher or Ms. Bogas

Starting a Research Project

First steps to starting a research project:

  1. open NoodleTools
    ♦ If you cannot remember how to access Noodletools see Ms. Bogas
  2. create a project in NoodleTools  selecting Chicago Style (check to see if your teacher wants you to share it with them).
    ♦ For citations and notecards

By entering all your sources into Noodletools as you do your research, you will avoid the dangers of plagiarism when you go to write and submit your project!  Another advantage of using NoodleTools is that it provides you with the correct footnote format for each source!

  1. evaluate potential sources
  2. get your feet wet by looking in reference resources to gain an overview of the topic
  3. start creating your list of keywords to help with finding information elsewhere
  4. incorporate primary source material

Reference sources are a type of secondary source.

 The information provided is usually quite broad, such as a subject summary or overview. 

Examples include:

  •  Encyclopedias
  •  Dictionaries
  •  Almanacs

Need Help?

If you have any questions or any suggestions please contact Ms. Bogas - I'm excited to help you, and I love a good hunt!  OR  925-283-2101 ext. 3226