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Enlightenment Biography Project: Online sources

For 9th grade Modern World History

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment

Use this link to go the online version of The Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment and search for your Enlightenment figure by last name.  Remember that if you need the password for the "Oxford Reference Database" that this ebook is in, check the back of your planner or ask Ms. Bogas.  (there is not an entry for Marx in this source)

Encyclopedias & Reference Books in Gale World History Database

Gale World History in Context

‚ÄčSearch your individual by last name, first name. If you find a "topic page" choose that.  Otherwise look at the "biographies" section and the "primary sources" section.  The Encyclopedia or World Biography is a good secondary source for all figures.

For example, if your subject is David Hume, you would search Hume, David 

To find a good SECONDARY SOURCE, choose the category "Biographies"

Click on "Biographies" again to expand the selection.  I recommend the Encyclopedia of World Biography as a good general source.  However, there are many other excellent, more specific sources for each person. For example, for David Hume a good source might be the biography in The Encyclopedia of European Social History or the one in The Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

For a PRIMARY SOURCE, click on "Primary Sources."  

In this case there is only one result (A Treatise of Human Nature), but for many people there will be multiple sources.  If you get no results for a primary source (e.g. Cesare Beccaria) please see Ms. Bogas for help.  Remember that if you have a composer (Mozart) a musical score or a visual or audio performance of one of their works is a primary source.

Infobase primary sources

Another possible database for secondary and primary sources is Modern World History (Infobase).  (e.g. for Rousseau)