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Coming to America - Migration and Transnational Identity: Assignment

Migration Map Assignment

Migration Map Assignment

Migration Map Assignment

This assignment asks you to use images and text to trace the migration either of your family or a larger group (i.e. a specific diaspora). You will need to incorporate historical, political, economic, and social information to provide context for the group’s migration. These maps will be shared with the class and used as elements in our development of comparative analyses.  This is worth 10% of your cumulative course grade.

Due Date: Tuesday, October 4 (note change from what was stated in the Syllabus)

What’s Due on Tuesday, October 4:

  • A “map” that traces the movement of your family or another group.
    • The map should trace at least 3 movements, one of which needs to be an international crossing.
    • The “map” should include brief explanatory text or captions and 5-7 pictures. It should also indicate the years (roughly) of when the group moved from one place to another
      • Pictures may be of the group or individual migrants, of places they lived in and moved from, or a particular object related to the migration
    • You can create your map using a variety of formats:
      • Google Earth tour
      • Google Maps
      • Prezi
      • Poster
  • A 3-5 minute long presentation.
    • During your presentation you will explain your map and the different migrations that it depicts.
    • You should explain where your family or diasporic group  lived, describe what it was like (e.g., a rural community, a small town, the capital of Country X), what they did there (or typical livelihoods if you’re looking at a group), and why they moved when they did.
    • You should discuss how your family or group adapted to life in the United States. What adjustments did they make? You may want to consider cultural, social, or economic adjustments here.
    • Presentations will begin on Tuesday, October 4 and continue on Thursday, October 6 as necessary.

You will be graded on:

  1. 25%   Adherence to assignment requirements (e.g., meeting the number of migrations, pictures, including brief explanatory text in your map)
  2. 30%   Explanatory power (e.g., did you explain the context of the migration, push and pull factors that affected your group, how the group adjusted to life in the U.S.)
  3. 15%   Clarity of map (Is it neat and visually pleasing?. Does it have typos? Is it easy to decipher? )
  4. 15%   Clarity of Presentation
  5. 15%   Adherence to time-limit requirements during your presentation

Migration Map Research Questions

  • Where did your predecessors (family) emigrate from? Or, where did this group come from? What was that place like?
  • What year(s) did they immigrate?
  • Why did they immigrate? What were the push and pull factors?
  • How did they get to the US? What means did they have and use?
  • Where did they arrive once they came to the United States (what was their entry point? For example, for me it was SFO).
  • Where did they live once they arrived in the US?
  • How did they make money? What jobs did they have?
  • Did they have a formal education? If so, from where? If not, did they get one?
  • How did they acculturate or try to adjust and fit into American culture? (for example, did they Americanize (or Anglicize) their names? Did)
  • Where have your family members migrated to once in the United States? Why? Did it differ by generation? What were those places like? (For example my family moved to Long Beach  from the Bay Area because my father got a job there. I moved back to the Bay Area for college in part because I had family roots here).