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Roman Mythology: Assignment

Roman Slavery

Roman Mythology Project: Latin 1


Choose one god or goddess from the pantheon of Roman deities, and explore the important aspects of that god/goddess and his/her mythology.


  • You will write a two-three-page 12 point font/regular margin essay describing the major attributes of your god/goddess and at least two myths that involve this deity.  In addition, you will describe how your deity was depicted in ancient art.


Your sources should be reputable books and/or websites that draw their information from ancient sources.  In addition to two modern sources of information, you must make reference in your essay to at least two ancient literary sources that tell stories related to your deity.


In addition, you must choose ONE of the following formats to further illustrate your deity and his/her mythology.


  • Create a poster board that visually shows who the god or goddess is with images from ancient art.  You may also include your own illustrations of the god/goddess that display his/her appropriate attributes and/or depict him/her involved in the myths that you have written about in your essay.


  • Create a slideshow with a minimum of 5 slides giving information about your god/goddess. You must include images from ancient art that depict your deity and his/her attributes and mythology.


  • Create an original myth. In order to complete this assignment you will need to read and study a number of myths. You will then write an original myth using your god/goddess. Your myth can explain a natural phenomenon, teach a moral truth, or deal with an emotion. It must fit in with what we know already of the god/goddess from Roman mythology. It should be a paper at least two pages, 12 point font/regular margin.


  • Make an advertisement. Greek and Roman gods are sometimes used in advertising. For example, pictures of Mercury, the messenger of the gods, are used by florists to show how fast they can deliver. Your assignment is to make an advertisement for a modern day product using your god/goddess.  Make sure that the attributes of your god/goddess exemplify the qualities of your chosen product.


Finally, you must make a brief presentation of your poster, slideshow, original myth, or advertisement to the class.  This presentation should be 3-5 minutes in length, and should consist of explaining the text and images in your poster/slideshow or the substance of your original myth or advertisement.


Email to me by: Jan 19 (in class)

telling me the name of god/goddess you want to research + 2 alternates in order of preference [I would like each of you to do a different god/goddess, so the sooner you email me your preferences the better chance you have of getting your top choice]


Essay Due: Jan 26 (in class)

Part Two of Project: Feb 2 (in class)

Presentation: week of Feb 1 & Feb 8 (in class)



You must cite your sources, and you must use reputable databases, reference works, and/or websites to gather your information.


You must use at least two modern sources, and they may not include Wikipedia.


A good place to start is the


this site is devoted to Greek mythology, but since the Romans took much of their mythology from the Greeks (including the attributes of the gods and their stories), you can use this information


The major gods can be found on the site under the heading “Olympian Gods”:


Note that for each god/goddess, the site gives a description, list of myths, ancient sources, and a gallery of images.


From this website, you can access the two ancient literary sources that you need to reference in your essay.


The names of the major Roman gods were:


Jupiter                Vesta

Neptune            Ceres

Juno                Bacchus/Liber