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Election 2016: The Issues

Where the candidates stand on the issues

2016 Presidential Election: The Candidates and Where They Stand on the Issues

Where the Candidates Stand on 2016’s Biggest Issues
Article by Wilson Andrews and Thomas Kaplan. Published online on December 15, 2015

Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton on the Issues
Washington Post graphic compares views of presidential candidates on the issues.

A side by side omparison of the candidates positions


Should America Open It's Borders : a Debate on Immigration

Climate Change

Reproductive Rights


Gun Control

What is most important to you?

Which of these issues is most important to you?
Climate Change: 0 votes (0%)
Immigration: 0 votes (0%)
The Iran Nuclear Deal: 0 votes (0%)
Women's Rights: 0 votes (0%)
Gun Control: 2 votes (100%)
Economic issues: 0 votes (0%)
Health Care: 0 votes (0%)
Race and Racism: 0 votes (0%)
Something Else: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 2


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