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Election 2016: Home


Candidate Votes Percentage
Hillary Clinton 253 76.2%
Donald J. Trump 43 12.95%
Jill Stein 22 6.63%
Gary Johnson 9 2.71%
Gloria Esteva La Riva 5 1.51

Welcome to the 2016 Election Bentley research guide. This guide was created to help Bentley students learn more about the upcoming presidential election, the  candidates, and the issues. It provides media coverage of campaigns, provides web sites to follow spending, as well as some great sites to fact check, learn about voter registration, check out related polls, news, and more. 

Why We Vote

Why will you vote in 2016?
It is my duty: 3 votes (16.67%)
It is my right: 1 votes (5.56%)
It is my privilege: 0 votes (0%)
All of the above: 14 votes (77.78%)
Total Votes: 18

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Newsela Student Voting Results


1776: 1 VOTE   adopted the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia
1789: 1 VOTE   elected our first President, George Washington

1800: 1 VOTE   made Thomas Jefferson president instead of Aaron Burr

1845: 2 VOTES brought Texas into the United States

1850: 1 VOTE   admitted California and Oregon into the United States

1867: 1 VOTE   allowed the purchase of Alaska for $72 million from Russia

1868: 1 VOTE   acquitted President Andrew Johnson after being impeached

1876: 1 VOTE   made Rutherford B. Hayes a United States President 

1960: 1 VOTE   changed in each precinct would have defeated John Kennedy

2016: 1 VOTE   your vote, will make a difference November 8th

Economists Casey B. Mulligan and Charles G. Hunter found in a 2001 study that one of every 100,000 votes cast in federal elections, and one of every 15,000 votes cast in state legislative elections, “mattered in the sense that they were cast for a candidate that officially tied or won by one vote.”


The Election Process

Election 2016

Breaking Big Money's Grip on Elections : Bill Moyers March 2015