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Roman Slavery: Keywords

Research Questions

I. How widespread were Seneca’s views on slavery?  Did many slaves receive the kind of treatment that he advises? What is your evidence for your views?


II.  How and why were slaves freed in ancient Rome?  What do we know about the lives of freed slaves?


Before you start searching for books, articles or web pages, you need to choose keywords that represent your research topic.


Keywords are significant words (usually nouns or noun phrases) which can be used as search terms in indexes, online catalogs, or databases. They can appear in the title, subject headings, abstract, or text of records. A keyword search typically searches all or most of these fields.


  • Ancient Rome, slavery
  • Slaves -- Rome
  • Rome History
  • Freed slaves
  • Freedmen
  • Manumission
  • Seneca
  • Marcus Tullius Tiro
  • Epictetus