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Cuba Project -- Dra. Triana :Spanish 2: Assignment

Dr. Triana's Spanish 2 project

Cuba Research Project Assignment

Spanish 2, Dra. Triana

T1 Cuba research project

Using the library research guide (found on the MyBentley coursesite) and other reference sources, create a 5 minute long presentation that answers a research question about Cuba. You may work in pairs or individually; if you work in pairs, you will also be graded on collaboration.

This project has several graded stages and components, explained below:

Step 1: brainstorm

- using complete sentences, write 5 questions you have about Cuba
- turn these in to the teacher for feedback

Step 2: refine the brainstorming questions and select one for your presentation

  • review your brainstorming questions and my feedback
  • think about which question can be answered in a 5 minute presentation
  • pick one research question and submit it to the teacher for feedback
  • it’s ok if your question evolves and changes as you begin to research it; just make sure to run it by the teacher before proceeding
  • your research question will be the title of your presentation

Step 3: research

  • start your research with the library research guide compiled by our librarian, Susan Bogas, specifically for this class project
  • ask the librarian for help!
  • keep track of your sources (it is much harder to go back and find the sources after the fact – keep track as you go along)
  • keep track of the information required for the MLA citation format (author, title, year & place of publication, media type, etc.)
  • start with the library reference books/media listed in the research guide, then afterwards turn to the great wide (cluttered, disorganized, unreliable) world of the internet.
  • Your bibliography should have a minimum of 3 sources, at least ONE of which must be in Spanish

Step 4: outline

  • create an outline of your presentation in English, Spanish, or a combination of both
  • the outline will start with the research question and then lay out the different parts of the answer
  • in the outline, include any additional materials for the presentation (music, images, artifacts, videoclips, etc.)
  • turn the outline in to your teacher for feedbac

Step 5: present

  • create a 5 minute presentation in Spanish that answers your research question
  • you may use Powerpoint or other presentation programs to organize your presentation
  • you may use notes when you give the presentation, but do not read the presentation verbatim
  • if you are in pairs, each person must speak an equal amount of time
  • if you include music or a videoclip, it must be brief and not take up too much of your presentation time. If you are not sure whether to include it or if it takes up too much time, ask the teacher.
  • Submit the presentation to the teacher before the day of the presentation, either by attachment, web link, or submitting a draft of your presentation notes. If you have a handout, send it to me the morning of your presentation or before and I will make photocopies.

Part 6: turn in project components on the days they are due

  • brainstorming questions, 10 points
  • research question, 10 points
  • bibliography in MLA format, 10 points
  • glossary of 10 new words with their translations, 15 points
  • 5 minute presentation, 40 points
  • collaboration questionnaire, 5 points (if you work individually, these five points will count towards your presentation grade)
  • active listening worksheet, 10 points