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Bentley Lower School Library: Just for Fun

Welcome to the Hiller Library

Be Internet Awesome, a new Google game

Take a journey through Interland - learn how to build passwords strong enough to stop hackers, rebuff cyber bullies, distinguish fact from fiction and
Be Internet Awesome.

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Which Book Series Could You Read Again and Again?
Harry Potter: 7 votes (87.5%)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: 0 votes (0%)
Percy Jackson: 1 votes (12.5%)
Total Votes: 8
How Do You Help the Planet?
I recycle.: 155 votes (98.73%)
I turn off electronics when not using them.: 2 votes (1.27%)
I walk to school instead of getting a ride in a car.: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 157

Google Science Journal: a lab in your pocket

Great for summer learning!

Google’s Science Journal app transforms your mobile device into a little science laboratory, encouraging you to conduct authentic experiments, collect and visualize data and record observations from the world around them. Use it to enhance your learning in the field, and to facilitate your development as a citizen scientist.

It offers a suite of tools – tools to measure light, motion, sound, G-forces and more. Among the newer tools are a linear accelerometer, a magnetometer, and a compass. The note-taking feature is integrated into the experimental timeline and there’s a snapshot mode. Young scientists can compare results and set up triggers for their recordings.

While the app offers ample and exciting opportunities for open-ended exploration, you can also choose from a long list of free interdisciplinary experiments, developed through university and educational start-up partners, that include media-rich, step-by-step instructions. Among those partners are the California Academy of Sciences, the New York Hall of Science, and Science Buddies.

Experiments may be filtered and browsed by level, equipment, author, duration, and features. Science Journal will connect with many popular wireless sensors like Vernier. 

Lights! Camera! Action! Google Toontastic

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