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Bentley Lower School Library: STEAM

Welcome to the Hiller Library



   Monster Choir allows users to create, extend and complete patterns.
Monster choir: making patterns
Monster choir: missing monsters
Monster choir: look and listen

   Color Patterns – Arrange colors to complete a pattern.

   Towers of Hanoi – Solve the tower problem and test your theory by varying the number of disks.

   Attribute Trains – Learn about shape and color patterns of by completing trains of blocks.





Why we are crazy about Keva blocks?

In this digital age, children have fewer and fewer experiences working with their hands to make physical representations of the world around them. Keva Plank lessons ensure that students have the opportunity to, not only build with their hands, but to further develop fine motor and spatial awareness skills.
Keva lessons also teach basic building principles: balance, cantilevers, and counterweights. Math instruction is woven throughout these lessons in such a way that the children do not even realize they are learning about number representation, patterns, geometry, arithmetic, and measurement. The Keva curriculum also includes lessons that incorporate creative design, language arts, build from a drawing, and drawing what is built. Lessons at the beginning of the year start out very basic. For example, students are asked to build the tallest structure possible using only ten Keva planks. Activities become progressively more complex. In the spring students work in pairs to do a plastic egg support activity. Parents are invited to the final Keva activity. At the beginning of the session, the students educate the adults on key building techniques. They then work collaboratively to create a single room-sized structure.