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Quilting Mini Term: Presentations

Presentation Guidelines

Quilts and American History Presentation Guidelines

  •   Your presentation should be at least 5-10 minutes in length
  •   You may use Powerpoint, Prezi, or any other digital projection software or you may simply make an oral presentation
  •   Include at least one visual that can either be projected from a computer or handed around
  •   Include details about the following:
    • Historical time period.  What was happening in America at the time, both historically and culturally.
    • The style or pattern of the quilt(s).
    • The significance of the quilts historically and how they relate to the time they were crafted 
    • The materials used (kinds of fabric, other materials)
    • The purpose of the quilt(s)
    •  Personal information about some of the people who made the quilt(s).  Bring the quilts to life for us with some human interest!
  • You may use the books that are collected on the cart for your research.  If you find a book that is useful please check it out with me or one of the parent volunteers.  There are also good websites on the "online sources" link. You may use anything you find on the internet IF you have evaluated the site for credibility!  (remember to use the “R.O.A.D.” criteria - for example, the Wikipedia article on quilting wouldn't be acceptable as it has some gross inaccuracies and does not meet the R - reliability or the A - authority criteria!)
  • You must submit a works cited page in correct MLA format for your presentation that includes all sources used - both for the intellectual material and any images used.

If you are using a powerpoint/slide format, please email it to Ms. Bogas ( or share it on google the night before your presentation.

Presentation topics and links for researching

Colonial quilting  and Medallion Quilts

Baltimore Album Quilts (1840s) (applique style)

Civil war quilt (see also (see also Homefront & Battlefield: Quilts & Context in the Civil War)

Pioneer (westward migration) quilt  

Crazy Quilts (19th century)

Native American Star Quilts (19th century)

Amish Quilts

Red Cross Quilts Project (begun 1918)

●Gee’s Bend Quilts  --  books

WWII Quilts

●Japanese Internment Quilts  -- pamphlet and video

●AIDs Quilt(s) (NAMES quilt)

●Victims Quilts (9/11 quilt)

●Hawaiian Quilts

●Contemporary Bay Area Art Quilts

Contemporary Quilts done by men

Migrant Quilts of Southern Arizona