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Decolonization in the Global South: Online Sources

Revolutionary Movements in World History

Revolutionary Movements in World History: a REQUIRED text if your country is included in this reference source!

This source is only available to one person at a time so if you can't get access, try again later!  If you have trouble, please email Ms. Bogas for help.

To Begin

To begin, you'll need to get an overview of your topic. A general or specialized reference source (an Encyclopedia, Almanac, or Atlas etc.) can be a great place to start. Consider your search terms carefully.  Make a list of them. Make sure you have thought of broader and more narrow terms.  Also remember to think about synonyms or variant spellings for your search words.  Different search words will get different results!  The more search word possibilities you have the better are your chances of success

When historians talk about evidence, they often mean primary sources. Primary sources (diaries, letters, speeches, newspaper accounts, artifacts, etc. created during the time period being studied) can offer rich and unique insights into your topic.  Thousands of primary documents have been digitized and can be found online on university, government and museum websites.  The Bentley Library also has collections of these documents in printed source books.

Encyclopedias & Reference Books in Online Databases

POSTCOLONIALLISM: a very short introduction

DECOLONIZATION:  a Very Short Introduction full text from Oxford University Press.

POSTCOLONIALIZATION: a Very Short Introduction full text from Oxford University Press.

Decolonization Primary sources by Region

Online Cartoon Source

Primary Sources - Custom Search Engine

The best way to search for a primary source for your country is to identify a person or event in the time period you are interested and search for that along with the name of the country.  For example, if your country is Egypt a sample search could be ""gamal abdel nasser"  (the president of Egypt from 1956-1970).  If you add in the word "speech" your search might be even more effective! You can  check out the links on the "Primary Sources" research guide.